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Swing shutters

According to your desires, our swing shutters bring you a touch of authenticity and modernity.
Participating in the energy improvement of your home, it protects you against the cold, and allows you to manage the desired brightness. Our swing shutters can be motorized.
They can be made of wood, PVC or aluminum with a wide range of colors

Wood has excellent insulating, thermal and phonic performance. It can be easily renovated, while remaining a noble material par excellence.
PVC requires little maintenance, is very resistant to climatic changes and is rot proof. France Closures PVC shutters will adapt to your budget and your desires
Contemporary material, aluminum will simplify your daily life. Durable, resistant and stainless in the face of bad weather, it combines customization and performance.


Swing shutters installed in Carrières-sous-Poissy - Miroiterie des Mureaux

Illustrations and realizations

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