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Breakage replacement

We work with both professionals and individuals:

  • Glazing:

    • We are approved by most insurance companies

    • Replacement of windows, glass doors, windows, verandas, glass roofs, etc.

    • Replacement of shop windows or facades. In the event of breakage or break-in, we install secure temporary closures and replace the glazing as soon as possible.

    • We carry out repairs on site or in our workshop.

  • Windows, shutters and doors:

    • Repair and replacement of joinery hardware: handle, cremone bolt, tilt-and-turn system, etc.

    • Repair of shutters: axis, motorization, slats, aprons, mechanisms, cranks ...

    • Opening doors, replacing locks and cylinders ...

  • Supply of spare parts for windows, doors, blinds, shutters, gates ...

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