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Clear silver mirror (known as classic mirror), aged, antique, bronze ... Our mirrors adapt to all needs, they can be cut, drilled or shaped (bevel, chamfer, etc.), they are also customizable with a logo or a silkscreened, sandblasted design. An anti-shatter film can be added for greater safety.


Mirror in Épône - Miroiterie Vitrerie des Mureaux

The Mirror is a decorative element par excellence. It brings a timeless touch to your interior decoration. It allows light to reflect in a room giving a feeling of space. It also adapts to all universes and comes in all forms.

You can choose the dimensions, shape and finish of your made-to-measure mirror and thus personalize it (dimension, bevel, notch, shaping) according to your wishes.
It is also possible to opt for a mirror with a protective film, its film placed on the back of the mirror thus retains the pieces of the mirror and secures your space.
Several types of mirrors in 3, 4 and 6 mm thickness:
- Simple mirror
- Tinted mirror
- Bronze mirror
- Gray mirror
- Antique mirror
- Spy mirror

Applications: furniture, glass roofs, decoration, layout and furnishings

Illustrations and realizations

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